Editing Dimensions with Dimension Management

For an overview of Dimension Management, see Viewing, Creating, and Editing Dimensions with Dimension Management.

See the following video for information about using the Dimension Management editor:

video symbol Updating Metadata with the Dimension Editor in Profitability and Cost Management


For applications created with duplicate member outlines, if you move, rename, or reparent a member, the data associated with the member will be lost even if you deploy the cube with Preserve Data selected.


Following a dimension update, you must log out of Profitability and Cost Management and then log in again to see the updates in Dimension Management or elsewhere in the service.

You also should redeploy the application, which validates it and updates the database.

To edit a dimension in Dimension Management, do the following:

  1. In the Home page, click Application, Application icon, and then click Dimension Management, Dimension Management icon.
  2. In Dimensions, click the name of a dimension to modify.
    You can use the controls listed in Table 4-4 to display lower levels of the member hierarchy.

    The screen for the selected dimension contains the following controls for editing:


    Select a member and then click an editing button.

    Table 4-5 Dimensions Tab Controls for Editing

    Control Name Action

    Add Child button

    Add Child button

    Adds a child member beneath the selected member; enter the name of the new child, and then edit its properties


    If you check the Shared Member box, the Member Name must already exist. When saving a shared member, set Data Storage to Shared on the properties pane.

    You can't add a member to a shared member.

    Copy Member button

    Copy Member button

    Copies the selected member after the last member under its parent at the same level as the copied member

    Reparent button

    Reparent button

    Moves the selected member under another member of that dimension so that it becomes the child of the new parent; enter the name of the new parent dimension for the selected member

    You can't reparent shared members.

    Delete Member button

    Delete Member button

    Deletes the selected member

    Move buttons

    Move Up and Move Down buttons

    Moves the selected member up or down at the same level under the same parent

  3. When edits are complete, follow the steps in Deploying Databases to redeploy the application's metadata to the Essbase cube. Any validation errors are displayed in the Job Library.