Overview of Adaptive Search Setup

Here's a summary of the setup steps for enabling and configuring Adaptive Search.

You must have the Application Implementation Consultant job role to complete the setup. Only the first step is required.

When you enable business objects for Adaptive Search or change the way search is implemented, you must run the Publish indexing process for the changes to take effect. Other setups take immediate effect.



Publish Required?

Where to Get More Details


Open the Configure Adaptive Search task and select the objects you want on the Setup Quick tab.

To use the configuration provided by Oracle, click Publish to run the indexing process. Workspace is ready for use and accessible from the home page after the process completes. You can monitor the process progress by clicking the Publish link on the Monitor tab.


See the following topics in this chapter:


You can modify how search operates on the Setup Advanced tab of the Configure Adaptive Search page. For example, you can specify which fields of an object and its related objects can be used in searches and displayed as search filters. Because Oracle configures the fields for you, setup is optional unless you want to enable search on custom child objects and fields, or to change Oracle's default search configuration.

You must run the Publish process for your changes to take effect.


See How Search Action is Modified and related topics.


You can configure search filters on the Configure UI tab of the Configure Adaptive Search page. You can:

  • Specify which fields can be used as filters in UI searches and for display in search results.

  • Define groupings of filter values for use during search.

    For example, you can break down opportunities by revenue ranges: 0 to 10,000, 10,000 to 100,000, 100,000 to 500,000, and 500,000 and up.


See the following topics in this chapter:


You can create and share saved searches for different roles in the organization. You must open Workspace to complete this setup.


See the How do I create and manage saved searches? topic.