Exporting Data

You export data from the Applications page.

As an alternative, you can export data using Data Management. Create a custom application as the source using Oracle Tax Reporting Cloud, then export the data and save the export file from within Data Management. See Importing and Exporting Data Using Data Management.

To export data:

  1. On the Home page, click Applications, and then click Overview.
  2. Click the Overview tab, and from Actions, select Export Data.
    From the Overview on the Application tab, select Export Data.
  3. On the Export Data page, click Create. A second Export Data screen is displayed.
    Select the target location for the export data file.
  4. On the Export Data page, select the target location of the data export file:
    • Local—Saves the data export file to a location on your local computer.
    • Outbox—Saves the data export file to the server.
  5. For Cube, select either Consol, Rates, or CbCR.
  6. Under File Type, select an option for the export file:
    • Comma delimited—Creates a comma-delimited .csv file for each artifact.
    • Tab delimited—Creates a tab-delimited .txt file for each artifact.
    • Other—Creates a .txt file for each artifact. Enter the delimiter character that you want to use in the export file. For a list of supported delimiter characters and exceptions, see Other Supported Delimiter Characters.
  7. For Smart Lists, specify Export Labels or Export Names.
  8. For Dynamic Members, select Include or Exclude.
  9. Under Slice Definition, select the Row, Column and Point of View for the slice of data to be exported.
  10. Select the action to export the data:
    • If the selected location is Outbox, click Save as Job to save the export operation as a job, which you can schedule to run immediately or at a later time.
    • If the selected location is Local, click Export, and then specify where to save the data export file.

    To reduce the size of data export file, if a form has an entire row of #missing values, the row will be omitted from the data export file.