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Interface: interactiveGridView



Defines an Interactive Grid view. The interactiveGrid widget manages a number of different views of the report data. Each view is implemented by a interactiveGridView interface. The types of views are:

  • grid:
  • chart:
  • icon:
  • detail:

Each view has a model to manage its data and a widget to implement the user interface. Most of the properties and methods of the view are for internal use by the interactiveGrid widget. A few of them are useful in advanced use cases to control or configure interactive grid.


internalIdentifier :string

Unique internal identifier for the view.
  • string

model :model

The model used by this view.


modelName :model.ModelId

The id of the model used by this view.


title :string

The title of the view. Used in UI in places where a friendly name for the view is needed.
  • string

view$ :jQuery

The jQuery object for the view.

  • jQuery


getSelectedRecords() → {Array}

Returns the currently selected model records in the view. If there is no selection or the view does not support selection then an empty array is returned.

Array of model records selected.

setSelectedRecords(pRecords, pFocusopt, pNoNotifyopt)

Sets the current selection in the view from the given array of model records. Only applies if the view supports selection.

Name Type Attributes Description
pRecords Array an array of model records or an array of model record ids as returned by model getRecordId. If this is an empty array then the selection is cleared.
pFocus boolean <optional>
if true the first cell/field/item of the selection is given focus.
pNoNotify boolean <optional>
if true the selection change event will be suppressed