1 Getting Started with Oracle Developer Tools for VS Code

Welcome! Oracle Developer Tools for VS Code enables Visual Studio Code developers to connect to Oracle Database and Oracle Autonomous Database; edit SQL and PL/SQL with IntelliSense, breadcrumbs, Hover, and Go To/Peek; execute SQL and PL/SQL and view and save the results; and debug PL/SQL using VS Code's native debugging features. The Oracle Database Explorer tree control allows you to quickly explore your database schema, view table data, and edit, debug, execute and save PL/SQL. Create and manage Oracle Autonomous Databases (ADBs) using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Explorer tree control. Create, start, stop and terminate ADB instances, and automatically create a walletless database connection or download credentials files.

This Quick Start will help you install, connect, configure and get started using Oracle Developer Tools for VS Code.


This document assumes you are using version 21.6.0 (released July 2023). Follow the instructions for updating in Installing and Updating Oracle Developer Tools for VS Code if you are using an older version.