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Oracle Database API for MongoDB (Announcement)

"With the new API, developers can continue to use MongoDB's open-source tools and drivers connected to an Oracle Autonomous JSON Database while gaining access to Oracle’s multi-model capabilities and the benefits of a self-driving database. Customers can now run MongoDB workloads on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Often, little or no changes are required to existing applications—just change the connection string."

Oracle Announces Support For MongoDB – This Is Bigger Than Just An API (Forbes)

(Forbes) "Oracle Autonomous Database is the key to the API that MongoDB cannot match. Today, it provides what MongoDB application developers want to become more productive and make their lives easier: automation to reduce or eliminate manual tasks (tuning, patching, scaling, security, etc.) and in-database access to capabilities such as SQL for analytics, machine learning, and spatial graph."

Oracle Embraces the 'Najort Horse' Concept with its MongoDB API for Autonomous Database News (ESG)

(ESG) "You can do a bunch of cool stuff you couldn’t before, like querying the JSON database with SQL as if it were relational, or utilizing a REST API, or data visualization, or spatial analysis... You can also run the MongoDB API on relational tables. The trick is seamlessly projecting JSON documents to relational tables and vice versa with the same data...without replicating or duplicating the data.... Which means of course that MongoDB developers can tap into Oracle's enterprise data and tools."

Oracle Database API for MongoDB: Running MongoDB Workloads on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (Futurum Research)

(Futurum Research) "Oracle unifies data acquisition, analytics engines, and automated analytics in one DB, whereas AWS can require multiple DB and analytic cloud try and attain the same capabilities. Separate databases and data movement tools mean more surface area exposures, more training and manual labor, and lead to insights on stale data. Making it easy for customers is obviously a key focus for Oracle here, and to my way of thinking, that’s always a smart strategy.... Oracle is providing MongoDB application developers with a more advanced option that makes them more productive and makes their lives easier."

Oracle Just Transformed the JSON Database Cloud Landscape: MongoDB Developers and DBAs, Are You Paying Attention? (Wikibon)

(Wikibon) "No other JSON database cloud service comes close. ... the product that MongoDB and every other JSON database cloud service hopes to offer within this decade.... Developers have a decision to make on whether they would rather move forward with Autonomous JSON, or go backward in time on MongoDB. The choice should be simple."

Oracle Autonomous JSON Database adds MongoDB support (ZDNet)

(ZDNet) "At first glance, Oracle's MongoDB-compatible service looks quite similar to Amazon DocumentDB and Azure Cosmos DB, among others. But there are real differences. Oracle's strategy is polyglot support of all data models within...a converged database."

SQL vs NoSQL? Why Not Both? (Kuppinger Cole Analysis)

(Kuppinger Cole Analysis) How the MongoDB API fits into the converged database model. Import existing MongoDB databases into Oracle Database, run existing apps there, and get the benefits of SQL-based business analytics on live data. In the opposite direction. expose relational data as MongoDB collections, and make analytics reports available in the original app.

MongoDB in the Oracle Cloud? New Silo-Busting API Makes It Possible (Cloud Database Report)

(Cloud Database Report) "The API provides connective tissue between two of the database industry’s leading platforms. Oracle and MongoDB are both in the Cloud Database Report’s Top 20. And both databases score high in DB-Engine’s popularity ranking: Oracle #1 and MongoDB #5.... Oracle-MongoDB compatibility gets even more interesting when you think about the integration possibilities of MongoDB apps with Oracle data warehousing or transaction processing, along with Oracle’s ACID transactions, SQL analytics, security, and governance.?"

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Why Customers choose Oracle Autonomous JSON Database over MongoDB Atlas

With Autonomous JSON Database you can:

  • Build JSON-centric applications with NoSQL-style document APIs (SODA and Oracle API for MongoDB). Take advantage of SQL, stored PL/SQL procedures, and low-code environments.
  • Simplify operations, using automation driven by machine learning.
  • Have rapid, multidocument ACID transactions, with optimized formats and high-performance infrastructure.
  • Provide security by design, with always-on encryption and Oracle Data Vault, which ensures protection from both external and internal threats.
  • Reduce total cost of ownership, with built-in features and automatic scaling to meet peak workloads when needed.

No-Downtime Migration from MongoDB to Autonomous JSON Database

Step-by-step instructions for using Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data to achieve no down-time migration from MongoDB to Autonomous JSON Database.

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