Autonomous JSON Database

Oracle Autonomous JSON Database is an Oracle Cloud service that is specialized for developing NoSQL-style applications that use JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) documents.

Like other Oracle Autonomous Database services, it delivers automated patching, upgrading, and tuning. It performs all routine database maintenance tasks while the system is running, without human intervention.

Oracle Autonomous JSON Database is a feature-scoped service for storing and retrieving JSON document collections using SQL or Document APIs. Development which requires a significant amount of non-JSON data must use Autonomous Database for Transaction Processing and Mixed Workloads on either Shared or Dedicated Infrastructure.

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Get Started

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Use Autonomous Database for Free

Oracle Autonomous Database provides an Always Free version that you can use to learn about service capabilities. It's also useful for development and testing activities.

The Always Free version is available at no cost for an unlimited time to Oracle Cloud Free Tier accounts and paying customers. You can have up to two Always Free databases per account. Always Free databases are subject to certain limits on the available CPU, storage, and simultaneous connections.

You can upgrade an Always Free database to a paid instance at any time.

For further information, see Always Free Autonomous Database.