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DPA overcomes project complexity, improves performance with Autonomous Database (5 min. read)

Decimal Point Analytics Private (DPA) replaced a complex multiple-database architecture on Amazon Web Service (AWS) using MySQL and Mongo Atlas with a single converged Autonomous Oracle Database and Oracle Database API for Mongo DB.

The old architecture was a complex data-processing workflow that used a managed AWS RDS MySQL Database and MongoDB Atlas. After the switch to Autonomous Database the raw relational data is stored as is, and the data for end-user applications is retrieved as JSON in milliseconds using Oracle Database API for MongoDB.

InfStones and Autonomous JSON Database (10 min. read)

How InfStones, an enterprise-grade Platform as a Service (PaaS) blockchain infrastructure provider, leveraged Autonomous JSON Database to build a low-latency query service over billions of blockchain records.

Why Customers choose Oracle Autonomous JSON Database over MongoDB Atlas

With Autonomous JSON Database you can:

  • Build JSON-centric applications with NoSQL-style document APIs (SODA and Oracle API for MongoDB). Take advantage of SQL, stored PL/SQL procedures, and low-code environments.
  • Simplify operations, using automation driven by machine learning.
  • Have rapid, multidocument ACID transactions, with optimized formats and high-performance infrastructure.
  • Provide security by design, with always-on encryption and Oracle Data Vault, which ensures protection from both external and internal threats.
  • Reduce total cost of ownership, with built-in features and automatic scaling to meet peak workloads when needed.

JSON AJD Database use with WebLogic Server (Stephen Felts)

Create and configure an Autonomous JSON Database instance, create a JSON document collection and query it with both SODA for Java and SQL. Use SODA for Java with a WebLogic Server (WLS) datasource. Use WLS with the MongoDB Java API.

Oracle Autonomous JSON Takes on Document DBs (Wikibon)

A performance comparison of document databases: Amazon Document DB, MongoDB, and Oracle Autonomous JSON Database.

"Wikibon recommends the evaluation and adoption of the Autonomous JSON Database as a foundation for future application development-centric environments using Oracle Databases."

No Downtime Migration from MongoDB to Autonomous JSON Database

Step-by-step instructions for using Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data to achieve no down-time migration from MongoDB to Autonomous JSON Database.

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