Autonomous JSON Database

SODA and JSON - Tutorials

JSON and SODA with the Autonomous JSON Database (1 hour 30 minutes)

Provision an Autonomous JSON Database and use it to create an online shop selling used products. Create and query multiple JSON collections (products, shopping carts, orders) using SODA for REST and SQL. Learn how to update JSON data and generate JSON data from relational data. Discover the JSON Schema (structure and type information) implicit in your JSON data, and create a relational view over it.

JSON in Autonomous Database (1 hour)

Provision and connect to an Autonomous Database. Retrieve JSON data from a web service, insert it into the database, index it, and query it. Create a relational view based on the structure and type information in JSON documents (implicit, data-guide schema). Generate JSON data based on fields in other JSON data.

Use JSON To Implement a SQL Flex-Field Column (15 minutes)

Add a JSON flex-field column to a table. Use SQL to access individual JSON fields as relational columns.

Autonomous Database - Tutorials

Workshop 1: Autonomous Database Quick Start

Learn about Autonomous Database on Shared Infrastructure and learn how to create an instance in just a few clicks. Then load data into your database, query it, and visualize it.

Workshop 2: Analyzing your data with Autonomous Database

Connect using secure wallets and monitor your Autonomous Database instances. Use Oracle Analytics Desktop (OAD) to visualize data in Autonomous Database. Use Oracle Machine Learning (OML) to try your hand at predictive analytics.

Important Tools for Everyone Using Oracle Autonomous Database

Use the suite of data tools built into Oracle Autonomous Database to help you with typical data warehouse tasks: Load, inspect, and transform data. Create a semantic business model. Identify data anomalies and outliers. Use the catalog to understand data lineage and impact analysis.

Action! MovieStream Analytics Produce the Best Picture with Oracle Cloud - The Epic

Learn how to deliver high value solutions using Oracle Cloud data platform services. Deploy an Autonomous Database instance, integrate Autonomous Database with a Data Lake, use advanced SQL to uncover issues and possibilities, predict customer churn using Machine Learning, use spatial analyses to help provide localized promotions, and offer recommendations based on graph relationships.

ADW: Data Loading and Management Using SQL on the MovieStream Dataset

Load movie sales data into an Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse from an object store, enable data integrity checks, and apply updates to the sales data.

Autonomous Data Warehouse: Analytics Using SQL on the MovieStream Dataset

Learn some of the key analytical features of Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse such as window functions, pattern matching, Excel-like operations using the SQL Model clause, and simple machine learning models.