Autonomous JSON Database

Autonomous JSON Database - Videos

Using Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP) Service as a JSON Document Store (24 minutes)

A guided tour of Autonomous JSON Database:

  • Create an Autonomous JSON Database
  • Create and access a JSON document collection
  • Query a JSON collection
  • Load a JSON collection from Object Storage
  • View and analyze JSON data, creating a machine-learning notebook report

JSON in the Oracle Database (6 minutes)

Using Oracle's converged Autonomous Database to develop an order-processing app.

  • Get the advantages of a NoSQL document store (simple, document-store schema-flexible development with popular dev languages, native JSON storage).

  • And get the advantages of a SQL database (scalability, security reliability, ACID consistency, reporting, analytics).

Native JSON Datatype Support: Maturing SQL and NoSQL convergence in Oracle Database (10 minutes)

Detailed presentation of Oracle Database's native binary JSON format, OSON. This is used in Oracle Autonomous Database to store JSON data. (Presentation of paper submitted to VLDB 2020.)

Oracle MovieStream - Powered by Autonomous Database (23 minutes)

Demo of an end-to-end use case:

  • Using the database as a JSON document store, to drive a MovieStream Vue.js-based application
  • Infusing applications with analytics
  • Accessing the database using the MongoDB API and SODA for REST
  • Analyzing JSON collections and transactions using SQL and an analytics cloud
  • Recommending movies using graph analytics
  • Predicting churn and making localized offers using machine learning and spatial analysis

JSON with SQL - Videos

JSON and the Moon Landing (1 hour)

Relational and JSON data models, and how to combine their relative advantages. (1 hour)

Retire Your Tables - It's All JSON Now (is it?) (1 hour)

A showdown between relational and JSON data models. Highlights the strengths and weaknesses of each model. A hybrid model using Oracle's converged database. Guidelines to help you choose the best approach for your various needs.

  • Benefits and problems of the JSON model
  • Using relational data - flex columns example
  • Generating JSON data from relational data
  • Extracting values from JSON data

Using JSON to Implement Flexfields (24 minutes)

Add schemaless development to a relational context. (25 minutes)

A JSON flex-field column lets a SQL application add new kinds of data without adding new columns, providing some . Use SQL to access individual JSON fields directly or project them to a view.