SODA for C

SODA for C is a C API that implements Simple Oracle Document Access (SODA). It is part of Oracle Call Interface (OCI). You can use it to perform create, read (retrieve), update, and delete (CRUD) operations on documents of any kind, and you can use it to query JSON documents.

You compile programs that use SODA for C the same way you compile other OCI programs.

SODA is a set of NoSQL-style APIs that let you create and store collections of documents (in particular JSON) in Oracle Database, retrieve them, and query them, without needing to know Structured Query Language (SQL) or how the documents are stored in the database.

Regardless of the SODA implementation language you use, the general concepts are the same, and much of the reference material is the same. All such common information is in Introduction to Simple Oracle Document Access (SODA). Here are quick links to some of the conceptual material:

A SODA implementation is also available in ODPI-C, an open-source library of C code that simplifies the use of common OCI features for Oracle Database drivers and user applications. ODPI-C sits on top of OCI and requires Oracle client libraries. See ODPI-C on GitHub for more information.

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