Enterprise Manager Documentation

The Oracle Enterprise Manager family of products provides comprehensive enterprise management solutions for today's complex IT environments.

Related Products

Oracle provides associated products that integrate with Enterprise Management.

Business Transaction Management

Oracle Business Transaction Management (BTM) allows you to define and monitor transactions, and understand the business context of each transaction, including the transaction's consumers and business payload. In addition to setting performance targets for each transaction and monitoring performance relative to those targets, you can also trigger alert notifications when performance targets are breached or unusual conditions are met.

Real User Experience Insight

Oracle Real User Experience Insight provides you with powerful analysis of your network and business infrastructure. You can monitor the real-user experience, set Key Performance Indicators and Service Level Agreements, and trigger alert notifications for incidents that violate them. In addition, separate accelerator packages provide dedicated support for the monitoring of Oracle E-Business Suite and Siebel applications.

Oracle Composite Application Monitor and Modeler

Oracle Composite Application Monitor and Modeler enables administrators to monitor highly distributed Java EE and SOA applications running within the enterprise. With it, administrators are able to quickly identify application bottlenecks, performance trends and overall application efficiency. The product is part of the Oracle Enterprise Manager Management Pack Plus for Service-Oriented Architecture.

Oracle Application Testing Suite

Oracle Application Testing Suite is a comprehensive, integrated testing solution that ensures the quality, scalability, and availability of your Web applications and Web Services.