Create a user account in Oracle Clinical One Platform

After you created an account for the user in Oracle Health Sciences IAMS, you must create that same user in Oracle Clinical One Platform so you can assign the appropriate study authorization.


If the previously chosen client type was Password Grant, the user account may already be set up in Oracle Clinical One Platform with the assigned permissions and study roles, so you may skip this task.

This task must be performed by a global user manager or a user administrator. Typically, as a customer-delegated administrator, you may also have a global or study role that allows you to perform this task.

To learn more about template study roles and permissions in Oracle Clinical One Platform, see:

If you need any help creating or provisioning a user with the right study role, reach out to your Oracle project manager.

We recommend that the API developer first uses their user account (regardless of client ID type) to sign in and carry out the same tasks on the user interface that are intended to be performed later by the APIs. This way, the API developer can ensure that the required roles and permissions have been granted to their account before attempting to use the APIs.


  1. At a study level, create the user and assign them the appropriate study role in each study mode.

    For step-by-step instructions, see Add a user to a study in Oracle Clinical One Platform.

  2. You can create another study role and assign the correct permissions to that user, if necessary. Make sure the user has the correct permissions in Oracle Clinical One Platform in order for them to make the necessary API calls.

    For step-by-step instructions, see Create a study role for one study.

You're all set! Next up, communicate with your API developers to make sure they are all set up and ready to obtain their token.