Local Government

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At Oracle Local Government Global Business Unit we live these values every day. Local Government is on a mission to make working life simpler, safer, happier, and vastly more productive. Local Government empowers global leaders and professionals to research, design, engineer, and deliver products to those that keep us safe. Local Government continuously seeks new innovations and develops technologies to make this possible, building trust between communities and first responders with the ultimate goal of saving lives. Local Government offers two product sets: Public Administration and Public Safety which pledges to achieve excellence and are committed to focusing on the customer first.

Public Administration

Oracle has built NetSuite for Government. This takes the #1 ERP suite for small to mid-sized companies into the government market for the first time. NetSuite is now enhanced to support government business requirements. Additional functionality includes Tax & Revenue functionality, fund accounting, GASB reporting ability, encumbrances, and customizable approval workflows.

Public Safety

Police departments and law enforcement agencies today must serve their communities in two overlapping worlds: the physical and the digital. As challenges evolve for police and law enforcement, new public safety technology solutions are helping those professionals serve, protect, and engage communities.

Technology plays dual roles in the changing worlds of policing and crime. Financial fraud, hate speech, and radicalization are increasing in the digital realm, with social media used to plan and discuss crimes, and even to boast about criminal activity. But technology is also a tool for law enforcement, providing police with new insights, techniques, and evidence to better engage, and ultimately protect, the public. Newer technologies—such as increasingly sophisticated body cams and other data-capture devices, the Internet of Things (IoT), and deeper analytics—help ensure both officer and public safety and enable law enforcement to serve communities more effectively and empathetically. Police need to adopt a preventative approach over a reactive one to keep the public safe. As crime proliferates, new threats emerge every year. To stay ahead of crime trends, public safety agencies must anticipate and respond to such threats.