14 Working with Content Folders

Like libraries, use folders to organize and control access to documents, as well as associate appropriate metadata with documents. Here you learn how to create, secure, modify, and delete folders.

This chapter has the following sections:

14.1 About Folders

Folders and subfolders are created to provide additional levels of organization and security within the context of a library. Like libraries, folders help to determine what metadata fields are associated with a document, can help in assigning values to the metadata automatically, and can add a layer of security. For detailed information on Libraries and Folders, see Understanding Libraries and Understanding Folders.

Cloud folders are a special kind of folders created to allow copying of content to and from the cloud server. They act as a link to a folder in Oracle Content and Experience Cloud Service. If your company has integrated with Oracle Content and Experience Cloud Service, you can copy or upload files to the cloud using a cloud folder, and you can access content on the go through the cloud user interface.

Folders mimic the behavior of the library they arein. By default, documents uploaded to a folder inherit the metadata fields and security defined for a folder, as well as any default metadata values defined for the folder.

14.2 Working With Folders

Folders behave much like libraries, as libraries are the top-most level of a folder hierarchy. Some tasks are identical when working with folders or libraries. The following table lists the appropriate sections necessary to do the specified tasks. What tasks are available to you is dependent on the permissions you have for a folder.

Table 14-1 Links to Procedures for Libraries

To do this... ...see this section

Create a folder

Creating Folders

View and edit folder properties


For a cloud folder, the Metadata tab and the Shortcuts tab are not available in the Folder Properties window.

Viewing and Editing Document Library Properties

Propagate folder metadata


You cannot propagate metadata to a cloud folder.

Propagating Library Metadata

Share a folder

Sharing Document Libraries

Follow a folder


You cannot follow a cloud folder.

Following Document Libraries

Create folder shortcuts


You cannot create shortcuts to a cloud folder. Also, the parent folder for any folder shortcut must be a regular folder (cannot be a cloud folder or its descendants).

Creating Library Shortcuts

14.3 Finding Folders

Folders typically exist in Oracle WebCenter Content within the context of a library. Once a library is selected, folders within the library are listed in the side bar and you can browse to the folder you need.

You can also enter search criteria to search for specific folders. For information on searching for specific folders, see Searching Using the Banner Search Box and Searching for Folders.


The folder search box in the side bar always searches the selected library. In contrast, the banner search box can search for folders across multiple libraries.

14.4 Creating Folders

Folders are created within the context of a library, inheriting the properties of the parent library by default. Once a folder is created, you can update the folder properties. To create a folder:

  1. On the Find Documents page, navigate to the library in which you want the folder. The folder list is displayed in the side bar.
  2. Right-click the library or folder in which you want to create a new folder, and select Create Folder from the contextual menu, or click the Create Folder icon above the results list, towards the right corner of your screen.
  3. Enter a unique name and description for the folder on the Create Folder page.


    It is a good idea to select a unique name for any folder that you create as in most cases you cannot have multiple folders with the same name. The name of a folder should be unique within the context of the library or folder in which it is created.

  4. Select the type of folder to create from the type select list. The default option, Local WebCenter Content Folder, creates a local folder on Oracle WebCenter Content Server. To create a folder on Oracle Content and Experience Cloud Service that can be accessed from the WebCenter Content user interface, select the Oracle Content and Experience Cloud Folder option from the type list and click Save.


    When you select the Oracle Content and Experience Cloud Folder option from the type list, a check box to enable sharing of the cloud folder with your Oracle Content and Experience Cloud Service account and an associated message may be displayed. For more information, see How do I enable sharing while creating a cloud folder?.