3 Introduction to WebCenter Portal Assets

Learn about the different assets available in WebCenter Portal, and an overview of the developer's role in developing and extending those assets.


About Working with WebCenter Portal Assets

WebCenter Portal provides various built-in assets that users can leverage in their portals. Copies of these built-in assets can be modified within WebCenter Portal to meet specific local requirements. For more information about modifying built-in assets in WebCenter Portal, see Creating Assets in Building Portals with Oracle WebCenter Portal.

Some assets, such as page styles and layouts, cannot be created in WebCenter Portal. These resources must be created in JDeveloper and deployed to WebCenter Portal. In some cases, WebCenter Portal may also not be able to add all the required functionality.

WebCenter Portal assets rely on three application templates that can be used to create or modify asset applications in JDeveloper:

  • WebCenter Portal Asset template – used to create or modify assets for page templates, skins, layouts, page styles, Content Presenter templates, and Visualization templates. The resulting asset applications include a default WebCenter Portal Asset Archive deployment profile that you can use to deploy the asset to WebCenter Portal across a Portal Server connection. For more information about creating an asset application for these types of assets, see Working with the WebCenter Portal Asset Application Template.

  • WebCenter Portlet Producer Application template – used to develop portlets based on the JSR 286 standards. For more information, see Introduction to Portlets.

  • WebCenter Portal Server Extension template – used to develop extensions to WebCenter Portal Server. For more information about developing extensions for Portal Server, see Developing Shared Libraries.

Finally, you can use WebCenter Portal's Pagelet Producer to create pagelets. Note that Pagelet Producer is a standalone application that can be accessed directly through its URL, or from the Shared Assets tab in WebCenter Portal. For information about accessing and using Pagelet Producer, see Introduction to Pagelets.

Developing Assets for WebCenter Portal

This section includes the following topic:

Setting Up Your JDeveloper Environment for Asset Development

Before you start, complete the following steps:

  1. Download and install Oracle JDeveloper.

    For details, see Installing Oracle JDeveloper.

  2. Install the WebCenter Portal Extension for JDeveloper.
  3. Restart JDeveloper if it is open.