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Adds a nested searchstate as part of the constraint.



NAME (required)
Input parameter. Name of the searchstate object to add.

Input parameter. An invented name or a name defined by SEARCHSTATE.FINDCONSTRAINT . Use this parameter to indicate which constraint you need when the same attribute is used in multiple contstraints. A bucket is an alias and functions similar to an inner join in SQL; when you have multiple tables that have columns of the same name, you must specify the table name to indicate which column you are requesting.

SEARCHSTATE (required)
Input parameter. Name of the searchstate object to nest inside of the object specified by NAME.

Error Numbers

The possible values of errno include:

A required parameter is missing.
General error.


This code creates an empty SEARCHSTATE "mainSS" with a type of or. A constraint ss1 is added to this searchstate. A second searchstate "nestedSS" with a constraint ss2 on the same attribute is also created. It is generally safer to use unique bucket names in the constraints particularly when the same attribute is constrained. The second searchstate "nestedSS" is then nested into the first using the SEARCHSTATE.ADDNESTEDCONSTRAINT tag. The main SEARCHSTATE "mainSS" is then set into an ASSETSET.SETSEARCHEDASSETS tag. The last tag uses this constrained assetset to search for matching assets and fetch a list of values for the constrained attributes for the returned assets:

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