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Oracle® Solaris Cluster Data Service for Samba Guide

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Updated: February 2020

Verifying the HA for Samba Installation and Configuration

This section contains the procedure to verify that you installed and configured your data service correctly.

How to Verify the HA for Samba Installation and Configuration

  1. Assume a role that provides solaris.cluster.modify authorization.
  2. Ensure that all Samba resources are online.
    1. Check the status of Samba resources.
      phys-schost-1# cluster status
    2. Enable any Samba or winbind resource that is not online.
      phys-schost-1# clresource enable samba-resource
  3. Switch the Samba resource group to another cluster node.
    phys-schost-1# clresourcegroup switch -n node samba-resource-group