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Oracle® Solaris Cluster Data Service for Samba Guide

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Updated: February 2020

Deployment Example Assumptions

    This deployment example is developed with the following assumptions:

  • The two-node cluster is already installed and configured.

  • The zone cluster zc is already installed and configured.

  • The root user has the /usr/cluster/bin directory included in $PATH on all cluster nodes and zone cluster nodes.

  • All cluster nodes have the solaris publisher for Oracle Solaris 11.2 software and the ha-cluster publisher for Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.2 software support repositories configured.

  • The ZFS pool samba_zp is already created, using the mount point /failover/samba. The command used to create the ZFS pool is zpool create -m /failover/samba samba_zp mirror devicelist mirror devicelist.

  • The zone cluster zc has the privileges to use the zpool and IP address within its zone cluster configuration. These privileges were set by using the following commands:

    phys-node-1# clzonecluster configure zc
    clzc:zc> add net
    clzc:zc:net> set address=
    clzc:zc:net> end
    clzc:zc> add dataset
    clzc:zc:dataset> set name=samba_zp
    clzc:zc:dataset> end
    clzc:zc> commit
    clzc:zc> exit
  • The zone cluster nodes are configured as members of a Windows Active Directory domain, using winbind to resolve users and groups that are configured within the Active Directory domain.

  • The Active Directory is configured to use the following values:



    domain NetBIOS name



  • The following user and password are created within the Active Directory, to be used by the HA for Samba fault monitor:





  • No home directory, user profile, or login script are defined for the Active Directory.

  • The Active Directory parameters Password never expire and User cannot change password are set to true.

Configuring Samba Software