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Oracle® Solaris Cluster Data Service for Samba Guide

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Updated: February 2020

Deployment Example: Installing Samba Packaged with Oracle Solaris 11 Software in a Zone Cluster

This appendix presents an example of how to install and configure the Samba application, shipped as part of the Oracle Solaris 11 IPS repository, and the HA for Samba data service in a zone cluster.

Note -  To follow this example for configuration in a global cluster, perform these instructions from a global-cluster node instead of a zone-cluster node, and omit instructions for configuring a zone cluster.

This appendix contains the following information:

Target Cluster Configuration

This deployment example uses a two-node cluster that is configured with a two-node zone cluster. The nodes have the following names:


Physical node 1


Physical node 2


Zone cluster node 1


Zone cluster node 2