The software described in this documentation is either no longer supported or is in extended support.
Oracle recommends that you upgrade to a current supported release.

3.4.2 Setting up Kubernetes Nodes

This section discusses setting up the nodes to use in a Kubernetes cluster. Perform these steps on both Kubernetes master and worker nodes.

To set up the Kubernetes nodes:

  1. On each node to be added to the Kubernetes cluster, install the Platform Agent package and utilities.

    $ sudo yum install olcne-agent olcne-utils
  2. Enable the olcne-agent service, but do not start it. The olcne-agent service is started when you configure the X.509 Certificates.

    $ sudo systemctl enable olcne-agent.service 

    For information on configuration options for the Platform Agent, see Section 6.2, “Configuring the Platform Agent”.

  3. If you use a proxy server, configure it with CRI-O. On each Kubernetes node, create a CRI-O systemd configuration directory:

    $ sudo mkdir /etc/systemd/system/crio.service.d

    Create a file named proxy.conf in the directory, and add the proxy server information. For example:

  4. If the docker service is running, stop and disable it.

    $ sudo systemctl disable --now docker.service
  5. If the containerd service is running, stop and disable it.

    $ sudo systemctl disable --now containerd.service