3.3 Introduction to Modules

A module is a curated unit of software that can be installed and managed by Oracle Linux Cloud Native Environment. A module fulfills at least one specific role in a deployment. Modules that fulfill the same roles may be swapped out in a managed way. Modules may encapsulate other modules.

The available modules are:

  • Kubernetes

  • Istio

  • Helm

  • Prometheus

3.3.1 The Kubernetes Module

The core module in an Oracle Linux Cloud Native Environment deployment is Kubernetes. For more information about Kubernetes, see Container Orchestration.

The Kubernetes module includes sub-components, such as:

  • Flannel: The default overlay network for a Kubernetes cluster.

  • CoreDNS: The DNS server for a Kubernetes cluster.

  • CRI-O: Manages the container runtime for a Kubernetes cluster.

  • runC: The default container runtime.

  • Kata Containers: An optional lightweight virtual machine runtime.