5.2.4 Adding Modules to an Environment

After you create an empty environment, you can add any modules you want to it. You can see a list of the available modules for an environment using the olcnectl module list command.

Use the olcnectl module create command to add and configure modules in an environment.

This example creates a Kubernetes cluster using the kubernetes module. For a full list of the module_args for the kubernetes module, see Section 5.1, “Platform CLI Syntax”.

To add the kubernetes module to an environment with one master and two worker nodes:

$ olcnectl --api-server module create --environment-name myenvironment \
  --module kubernetes --name mycluster \
  --container-registry container-registry.oracle.com/olcne \
  --apiserver-advertise-address \
  --master-nodes master1.example.com:8090 \
  --worker-nodes worker1.example.com:8090,worker2.example.com:8090