Oracle Cloud Native Environment

Oracle Cloud Native Environment is a fully integrated suite for the development and management of cloud-native applications. Oracle Cloud Native Environment is a curated set of open source projects that are based on open standards, specifications and APIs defined by the Open Container Initiative (OCI) and Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) that can be easily deployed, have been tested for interoperability and for which enterprise-grade support is offered. Oracle Cloud Native Environment delivers a simplified framework for installations, updates, upgrades and configuration of key features for orchestrating microservices.


The following documents provide procedural instructions in the form of short tutorials intended to provide guidance setting up and using Oracle Cloud Native Environment.

Installation and Deployment

Get started with Oracle Cloud Native Environment either locally or within Oracle Cloud Infrastructure by following these deployment tutorials.

Manage Oracle Cloud Native Environment

Learn how to make changes to your environment to scale your Kubernetes cluster, deploy Kubernetes operators, or to take advantage of service mesh features by following these tutorials.