1.12. VBoxManage Command Changes

The following lists the primary changes to the VBoxManage command:

  • The new VBoxManage movevm command enables you to move a VM to a new location on the host.

  • You can use the new VBoxManage mediumio command for file copy operations from a disk image.

  • The VBoxManage export command enables you to export to a cloud provider service, such as Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

  • The VBoxManage modify --nested-hw-virt command configures nested virtualization for a VM.

  • Use the VBoxManage modifymedium --setlocation command to reconfigure the location of a disk image on the host file system. For example, you might use this command when you used a file management feature of the host OS to move a disk image.

  • The VBoxManage setproperty command adds the proxymode and proxyurl properties. These properties enable you to configure an HTTP proxy server for Oracle VM VirtualBox.

  • Use the VBoxManage dhcpserver add --options command or the VBoxManage dhcpserver modify --options command to configure DHCP options for an Oracle VM VirtualBox DHCP server.