1.4. Moving a VM or a Disk Image to a New Location

Previous releases supported moving a disk image to a different location. With this release, you can also move a VM to a different location. This functionality includes the following improvements:

  • Moving a VM. You can now use the VirtualBox Manager to move a VM.

    Right-click on the VM in the VirtualBox Manager's machine list and select Move.

    Alternatively, use the VBoxManage movevm command which is introduced in this release.

  • Moving a Disk Image. This feature is now supported in the Virtual Media Manager.

    If you use a file management feature of the host OS to move a disk image to a new location, Oracle VM VirtualBox automatically updates the configuration. Use the --setlocation option of the VBoxManage modifymedium command to configure the new path of the disk image on the host file system.

See Removing and Moving Virtual Machines for more details.