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Java Device Test Suite Developer’s Guide

Version 2.4 Java ME Platform





Code Examples


Part I Getting Started

1. Overview

Test Packs

Test Pack Types

Runtime Tests

Automated Tests

Interactive Tests

Network Tests

Distributed Tests

Benchmark Tests

Over-the-Air Tests

OTA Interactive Tests

OTA Semi-Automated Tests

2. Setting Up the Developer’s Kit

Acquire and Install the Prerequisite Software

Unzip and Configure the Developer’s Kit

Build and Install the Sample Test Packs

3. Introducing the Developer’s Kit

Developer’s Kit Structure





Editing and Building a Test Pack

Files Generated by the Build

Packaging a Test Pack

Part II Essentials

4. Test Class and Case Comment Blocks

Comment Block Overview

Test Class Comment Block Tags

Test Case Comment Block Tags

Tag Details




5. Writing Online Documentation

Documenting a Test Pack

Documenting a Test Package

6. Writing the File

File Format and Syntax

Default Values


Read-only Properties

Property Value Validation Attributes


Online Documentation for a Property

Path Names

${TS_DIR} Reserved Word

Required Properties

Optional Properties

7. The Files

8. Using Common Services

Obtaining a Property Value

Learning if a Case is Selected


9. Writing Runtime Tests

Writing an Automated Test

Writing an Interactive Test

Writing Network Tests

Writing the Client Part

Writing the Server Part

Writing Push Tests

Architecture of a Push Test

Writing the Client Package

Writing a Main MIDlet

Writing a Push MIDlet

Writing a Server


10. Writing Benchmark Test Packages

Benchmark Test Directory Structure

Benchmark Test Types

Writing a System Load Test

Writing a Unit Rate Test

11. Developing an Over-the-Air Test Package

OTA Test Pack Development

Writing an OTA Test

Writing OTA Source Files

Security Certificates for a Test Class

Writing Application Files

Directory Structure

Application Logging

Additional Facilities for Interactive OTA Tests

Part III Advanced Topics

12. Checking Card Files

procedure iconsmall spaceRunning the Card File Checker

13. Updating a Test Pack

Test Pack Identifiers

Test Pack Version Identifier

Test Rename File

Test Pack Property Rename File

14. Reconfigure Environment Settings for Special Test Pack Installation

procedure iconsmall spaceReconfiguring the Environment

15. Defining New Security Permissions

16. Properties and Parameter Expansion


Parameter Expansion

Predefined Parameters for OTA Test Packs

17. Customizing the Test Pack Zip File

18. Multiple Test Packs in a Directory

19. Using TestPackInstallerMain for Faster Test Installation Cycles

Customizing the tpim Script

20. Test Pack Versioning Alternative

21. Build Targets

22. Tests and Device Features

Package and Feature Concepts

Package-based Selection and Reporting

Feature-based Selection and Reporting

Package and Feature Implementation

Package Design

Feature Design

Feature Definition File

23. Relevance Filtering

24. Classless Card Files

Naming, Scope, and Syntax




Required Files

Part IV Legacy

25. Writing Card Files Manually

Comment Lines

Test Case Definitions

Required File Definitions

Property Definitions

Class and Case Keyword Definitions

Special Property Definitions

Choosing Between Card File and Properties

26. Writing packages.list Files

27. Writing Evaluation Files

procedure iconsmall spaceProcedure for Editing an Evaluation File

Example Evaluation File Text

procedure iconsmall spaceIncluding Reference Images in an Evaluation File

An Evaluation File Rendered by the Harness

28. Writing Conditional Output

Part V Appendices

A. Adapting the WMA Test Emulator

Test Types

Implementing CBSServer

procedure iconsmall spaceDeploying the Implementation

B. Exclude Lists

C. Change Log

New in Release 2.4

New in Release 2.3

New in Release 2.2

New in Release 2.1.2

New in Release 2.1.1

New in Release 2.1