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What's New in This Guide

Part I Getting Started with Oracle JDeveloper

1 Introduction to Oracle JDeveloper

2 Oracle JDeveloper Accessibility Information

3 Working with Oracle JDeveloper

Part II Developing Applications with Oracle JDeveloper

4 Getting Started with Developing Applications with Oracle JDeveloper

5 Developing Applications Using Modeling

6 Versioning Applications with Source Control

7 Building, Running and Debugging Applications

8 Auditing and Profiling Applications

9 Deploying Applications

Part III Developing Java Applications

10 Getting Started with Developing Java Applications

11 Working with Java Code

12 Building Java Projects

13 Optimizing Java Projects

14 Running and Debugging Java Programs

15 Implementing Java Swing User Interfaces

16 Working with JavaBeans

Part IV Developing Java EE Applications

17 Getting Started with Developing Java EE Applications

18 Developing Applications Using Web Page Tools

19 Developing with EJB and JPA Components

20 Developing Persistence in Applications Using Oracle TopLink

21 Developing Secure Applications

22 Developing Applications Using XML

23 Developing and Securing Web Services

Part V Working with Databases

24 Getting Started with Working with Databases

25 Using the Database Tools

26 Connecting to and Working with Databases

27 Designing Databases Within Oracle JDeveloper

28 Using Java in the Database

29 Running and Debugging PL/SQL and Java Stored Procedures