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What's New in This Guide

1 Oracle Event Processing Visualizer

Part I Introduction

2 Use Visualizer

Part II Application Tasks

3 Application Tasks

4 Event Processing Network

5 Application Lifecycle

6 Oracle CQL Rules

7 Configuration History

Part III Server and Domain Tasks

8 Server and Domain Tasks

9 Application Deployments

10 Jetty Configuration

11 JMX Configuration

12 Data Source Configuration

13 HTTP Publish-Subscribe Servers

14 Event Inspector Service

15 Event Type Repository

16 Persistent Event Store

17 Multiserver Domains

18 Server Logs

Part IV Security Tasks

19 Security Tasks

20 User Accounts and Passwords

21 User Groups

22 Task Roles

23 HTTP Publish-Subscribe Server Security

24 SSL Configuration

A Oracle CQL Query Wizard Template Schema Reference