New Features for Oracle BI EE 12c (

This topic describes new features in Oracle Data Visualization. The new features include:

Connect to More Databases

You can connect to several data sources:

  • Oracle Data Warehouse Cloud Service

  • Oracle Big Data Cloud Service

  • Oracle Talent Management Cloud

See Connecting to Database Data Sources.

Data Flow Enhancements

Improved Narration and Storytelling Features

When you use the improved narrate feature it makes presenting your data stories even easier. See Building Stories.

Include Links to Related Content in Your Project

Enhance visualizations by offering links to related content under a handy Data Actions menu. See Working with Data Actions.

Numeric Values in File-Based Data Sources Uploaded as Measures

When you upload a file-based data source, columns containing numeric values are imported as measures with the Number data type.

More Display Formatting Options for Numbers and Dates

You can select from a wide range of number and date formats to choose the best display format for data in your visualizations. See Adjusting the Display Format of Date or Time Columns.

New Properties Area in the Data Panel

For quick and easy access, the properties of objects you select are displayed in the Data Panel. See Adjusting Visualization Properties.

Improved Sharing

Use the Share icon to share a visualization, canvas, or story with others, as a file, by email, a printed page, and on cloud.

You can also share a project or folder only in DVA format, as a file, by email, and on cloud.

See Importing and Sharing.

More Options to Copy, Paste, and Duplicate

It’s often quicker to copy visualizations than starting from scratch. You can paste within the same canvas and between canvases in the same project.

Use the duplicate option to make copies of an object within the same canvas or to duplicate the entire canvas.

See Adjusting the Canvas Layout.

Add Unrelated Data Sets to the Same Project

Your projects can contain visualizations from multiple, unrelated data sets; that is, the data sets don't have to be joined.

Date and Time Intelligence

You can seamlessly transition through different levels of time hierarchies or granularities with ease.

Data Warning Indicator

Warning signs Warning icon indicate possible issues with your data. If you don't want to see any warnings in your projects you can hide them. Warnings never display in printed or shared output. See Visualization Data Warning Notification.

Background Maps

Use background maps to enhance your geographical visualizations. See Enhancing Visualizations with Map Backgrounds.

Coloring Maps Using Attribute Column Values

You can use color features to interpret the measure columns and attribute values in projects that include map visualizations. See Interpreting Data Measure and Attribute Values by Color in Map Visualizations.

Brand New Home Page

Improved design that’s simple to navigate and easy to use. Personalize your home page to suit the way you want to work.