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JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Applications Address Book Implementation Guide
Release 9.1.x

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A/B Word Search form, 4.5.5
AB Word Search Master table (F01815), 4.5.1
Action Plan program (P01401), 5.5.1
Activity Common Processing Options (P01350), 5.4.5
Activity Homepage (P01312), 5.4.7
Activity Homepage form, 5.4.11, 5.4.13, 5.4.14
Activity View (P01301), 5.4.3
Activity View program (P01301), 5.4.1
Add Action Plan form, 5.5.3
Add Activity form, 5.4.8
Add Activity Template form, 5.5.4
Address Book - Phone Numbers table (F0115), 4.2.1,
Address Book - Who's Who table (F0111), 4.3.1
Address Book Batch Purge (R0101Z1P), 8.9.4
Address Book Batch Purge program (R0101Z1P), 8.9.1
Address Book Batch Upload program (R01010Z), 8.3.1, 8.3.4
Address Book Constants form, 2.4.5
Address Book Constants program (P0000), 2.4.1
address book information, 4.1
converting, 8.1
tables used, 4.1
Address Book Master table (F0101), 4.2.1
Address Book MBF program (P0100041), 4.2.3
address book records
adding who's who information, 4.3.1
entering, 4.2
locating, 4.2.1
purging Brazil tag files, 7.5.1
address book reports, D.1
Address Book Revision form, 4.2.5
Address Book Revisions program (P01012), 4.2.1, 4.2.4
Address Book Self Service (P01012SS), 6.3.4
Address by Date table (F0116),
Address Parent/Child Revisions form, 3.1.5, 3.2.4
Alternate Address form, 4.3.8
Alternate Address table (F01161),


Batch - Alternative Address table (F01161Z1), A.8
batch processing
adding batch records, 8.2.1
customer master information, 8.4.1
mapping fields, A.1
F0101Z2, A.1
F01112Z1, A.5
F0111Z1, A.4
F01151Z1, A.7
F0115Z1, A.6
F01161Z1, A.8
F03012Z1, A.2
F0401Z1, A.3
overview, 8.1
revising processed batches, 8.8.1
revising unprocessed batches, 8.7.1
supplier master information, 8.5.1
uploading records, 8.3.1
who's who information, 8.6.1
Batch Who's Who Information table (F0111Z1), 8.6.1, A.4
Brazil, 7.5.1


Calendar form, 5.3.4
Calendar Maintenance program (P01311), 5.3.3
category codes
setting up, 2.3
updating, 7.3.1
Centralized Calendar program (P01311), 5.3.1
Change Contact to an Address Book Record form, 6.3.6
Contact Supplier, 4.1.1
Copy Category Codes to Customer Master (R01050), D.3.2
Copy Category Codes to Customer Master report (R01050), D.3.1
Country Constants Master File table (F0070), 2.4.2
Customer Master Batch Upload program (R03010Z), 8.4.1, 8.4.4
Customer Master LOB-Batch table (F03012Z1), A.2


default country format,
duplicate entry validation,,


Edit Activity form, 5.4.14
Effective Address Update program (R01840), 7.2
Effective Date Parent Search form, 3.2.5
Electronic Address table (F01151),
E-mail/Internet Revisions form, 4.3.6
Enhanced Parent Child table (F01501, 3.3.1
Enhanced Parent/Child Revision form, 3.3.4


F0017 table, 2.7.1
F0070 table, 2.4.2
F0101 table, 4.2.1
F0111 table, 4.3.1
F01112 table,
F01112Z1 table, 8.6.1, A.5
F0111Z1 table, 8.6.1, A.4
F0115 table, 4.2.1,
F01151 table,
F01151Z1 table, 8.6.1, A.7
F0115Z1 table, 8.6.1, A.6
F0116 table,
F01161 table,
F01161Z1 table, 8.6.1, A.8
F01501 table, 3.3.1
F01815 table, 4.5.1
F03012Z1 table, A.2
F0401Z1 table, A.3
default country,
predefined mailing,
A/B Word Search, 4.5.5
Activity Homepage, 5.4.11, 5.4.13, 5.4.14
Add Action Plan, 5.5.3
Add Activity, 5.4.8
Add Activity Template, 5.5.4
Address Book Constants, 2.4.5
Address Book Revision, 4.2.5
Address Parent/Child Revisions, 3.1.5, 3.2.4
Alternate Address, 4.3.8
Calendar, 5.3.4
Change Contact to an Address Book Record, 6.3.6
Edit Activity, 5.4.9, 5.4.14
Effective Date Parent Search, 3.2.5
E-mail/Internet Revisions, 4.3.6
Enhanced Parent/Child Revision, 3.3.4
Phone Numbers, 4.2.6, 4.2.7, 4.3.5
Postal Code Revisions, 2.7.3
Related Person Details, 4.3.7
Search for Activities, 5.4.12
Search for Calendar, 5.3.5
Self Service - Update Address Book Record, 6.3.5
Set Up Country Constants, 2.4.6
Set Up Next Numbers by System, 2.6.2
Supplemental Database Setup, 2.8.3
Tier Description Revisions, 3.2.6
Who's Who Detail, 4.3.4
Work With Distribution Lists, 3.1.6
Work with Interactive Versions, 2.5.3
foundation calendar
action plans, 5.5.1
adding, 5.4.8
activity homepage,
activity searches,
creating calendars, 5.3.1
events, 5.4.1
overview, 5.1
recurring activities,
system setup, 5.2
tasks, 5.4.1
user-defined codes, 5.2


Global Category Code Update program (R01490), 7.3.4


JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Accounts Payable, Preface, 1.1, 1.2, 2.3,, A.1.2, A.3, A.3.2, A.3.2, A.3.2
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Accounts Receivable, Preface, 1.1, 1.2,, A.2.2, A.2.2, A.2.2, A.2.6
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Address Book, A.2.6, A.3
implementation, 1.3
integrations, 1.2
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Advanced Pricing, 1.2
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Contract Billing, 1.2
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Contract Management, 1.2
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Customer Relationship Management, 5.1.1
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Equipment/Plant Management, 1.2
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Fixed Assets, 1.2
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Forecasting, 1.2
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne General Accounting, 1.2
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Human Capital Management, 1.2, 5.1.1
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Inventory Management, 1.2, A.2.3, A.2.3, A.2.3, A.2.3
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Job Cost, 1.2
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Payroll, 1.2
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Procurement, A.3
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Purchase Order Management, 1.2
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Requirements Planning, 1.2
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Sales Force Automation, Preface
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Sales Order Management, 1.2, A.2.3, A.2.3, A.2.6
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Service Billing, 1.2
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Service Management, 1.2,
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne user profiles, 1.2
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Work Order Management, 1.2
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Workflow Tools, 1.2


mailing formats,
Manage Basic Activities (P01302), 5.4.6
Mobile Applications for Address Book Information, 4.1.1


organizational structures, 3.2.1


P0000 program, 2.4.1
P01012 program, 4.2.1
P0117 program, 2.7.1
P01301 program, 5.4.1
P01311 program, 5.3.1
P01401 program, 5.5.1
P0150 program, 3.1.1
P01BDWRD program, 4.5.1
parent/child relationships
enhanced, 3.3.1
overview, 3.1.1
setting up tiers, 3.2.1
personal data security,
Phone Numbers form, 4.3.5
Phone Numbers forms, 4.2.6, 4.2.7
Postal Code Revisions form, 2.7.3
Postal Code Revisions program (P0117), 2.7.1
Postal Codes table (F0017), 2.7.1
predefined mailing formats,
Print Mailing Labels report (R01401, D.3.3
Print Mailing Labels report (R01401), D.3.4
processing options
Activity Common Processing Options (P01350), 5.4.5
Activity Homepage (P01312), 5.4.7
Activity View (P01301), 5.4.3
Address Book - Check for Duplicates (R014052), 4.4.4
Address Book Batch Purge (R0101Z1P), 8.9.4
Address Book Batch Upload (R01010Z), 8.3.4
Address Book MBF program (P0100041), 4.2.3
Address Book Revisions program (P01012), 4.2.4
Address Book Self Service (P01012SS), 6.3.4
Calendar Maintenance program (P01311), 5.3.3
Copy Category Codes to Customer Master, D.3.2
Customer Master Batch Upload (R03010Z), 8.4.4
Global Category Code Update (R01490), 7.3.4
Manage Basic Activities (P01302), 5.4.6
Print Mailing Labels (R01401), D.3.4
Purge Address Book Records (R01800P), 7.4.4
Purge Brazilian Address Book Tag Files (R76011P), 7.5.3
Purge Message Log (R01131P), 7.4.6
Search Activities (P01300), 5.4.4
Standard Address Labels (R01401A), D.3.6
Structure Inquiry (P02150), 3.1.4
Structure Revisions (P0150), 3.1.3
Supplier Master Batch Upload (R04010Z), 8.5.4
Who's Who Batch Upload R011110Z), 8.6.4
Who's Who MBF PO (P0100087), 4.3.3
Word Search Build (R01BDWRD), 4.5.4
Purge Address Book Records (R01800P), 7.4.4
Purge Address Book Records program (R01800P), 7.1, 7.4.1
Purge Brazilian Address Book Tag Files program (R76011P), 7.5.1, 7.5.3
Purge Message Log (R01131P), 7.4.6
purges, 7.4.1
batches, 8.9.1
R76011P (Purge Brazilian Address Book Tag Files), 7.5.1


R0101Z1P program, 8.9.1
R01050 report, D.3.1
R011110Z program, 8.6.1
R01401 report, D.3.3
R01401A report, D.3.5
R01800P program, 7.1
R01840 program, 7.2
R03010Z program, 8.4.1
R04010Z program, 8.5.1
Related Person Details form, 4.3.7
Related Person table (F01112),
Address Book Batch Purge, 8.9.1
Address Book Batch Upload, 8.3.1
Check for Duplicates, 4.4.1
Contact Information Batch Upload, A.4
Copy Category Codes to Customer Master (R01050), D.3.1
Customer Master Batch Upload, 8.4.1, A.2
Effective Address Update, 7.2.1
Global Category Code Update, 7.3.1
Print Mailing Labels (R01401), D.3.3
Purge Address Book Records, 7.1
Standard Mailing Labels (R01401A), D.3.5
Supplier Master Batch Upload, 8.5.1, A.3
Who's Who Batch Upload, 8.6.1


Search Activities (P01300), 5.4.4
Search for Activities form, 5.4.12
Search for Calendar form, 5.3.5
Self Service - Update Address Book Record form, 6.3.5
Set Up Country Constants form, 2.4.6
Set Up Next Numbers by System form, 2.6.2
Standard Address Labels report (R01401A), D.3.6
Standard Mailing Labels report (R01401A), D.3.5
Structure Inquiry program (P02150), 3.1.4
Structure Revisions program (P0150), 3.1.1, 3.1.3
Supplemental Database Setup form, 2.8.3
Supplier Master - Batch table (F0401Z1), A.3
Supplier Master Batch Upload (R04010Z), 8.5.4
Supplier Master Batch Upload program (R04010Z), 8.5.1
system integration, 1.2
system setup
audit log, 2.5.1
category codes, 2.3
constants, 2.4.1
country constants, 2.4.2
next numbers, 2.6
overview, 2.1
postal codes, 2.7.1
supplemental data, 2.8
user-defined codes, 2.2


tables used by Address Book, B
Tier Description Revisions forms, 3.2.6


Who's Who Batch Upload (R011110Z), 8.6.1, 8.6.4
Who's Who Detail form, 4.3.4
who's who information, 4.3.1
Who's Who MBF PO (P0100087), 4.3.3
word search, 4.5.1
Word Search program (P01BDWRD), 4.5.1
Work With Distribution Lists form, 3.1.6
Work with Interactive Versions form, 2.5.3