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Void Payment Register

Use the Void Payment Register to obtain a listing of void payments. The Void Payment Register provides you with payment and supplier information for each void payment. Payables sorts the report by bank, bank branch, bank account, payment document, and payment number, and prints a subtotal for each. Payables also provides a report count and total at the end of the report.

You can submit this report before you reconcile your bank account to verify that void payments did not clear your bank. Payables does not clear void payments when you use Oracle Cash Management to reconcile your bank account; Payables lists these void payments as exceptions.

Report Submission

You submit this report from the Submit Request window. See: Submitting Standard Reports, Programs, and Listings.

Selected Report Parameters

Period. Enter the period for which you want to submit the Void Payment Register.

Include Zero Amount Payments? Enter Yes to include void payments with zero amounts. Enter No to exclude void payments with zero amounts.

Print Supplier Address? Enter Yes to print the supplier address to which each payment was sent. Enter No to exclude the supplier address from the report.

Date. Enter the date that you want Payables to use for this report.

Selected Report Headings

Payment Document. Payables prints the payment document you used for a void payment.

Disbursement Type. Payables prints the disbursement type (Computer-Generated, Combined, or user-defined) of the payment document you used for a void payment.

Document Number. Number of a void payment.

Date. Payment date for a void payment.

Site. Site to which a void payment was to be paid.

Address. Address to which a void payment was to be paid. If you did not enter Yes to the Print Supplier Address report parameter, Payables does not print this address information.

Payment Amount. Amount of a void payment.

Void Date. Date on which a payment is void.

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