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The toolbar, as shown in Figure 1 - 31, is a collection of iconic buttons that each perform a specific action when you choose it. Each toolbar button replicates a commonly-used menu item. Depending on the context of the current field or window, a toolbar button can be enabled or disabled. You can display help for an enabled toolbar button by holding your mouse over the button.

The toolbar buttons and the actions they perform are as follows:


Note: Only one of the above two toolbar buttons appears at any given time to indicate if an attachment exists in the current context.

Up to three additional toolbar buttons may appear to the right of the Help button. The presence of these additional buttons depends on the application window you currently have active. For example, if you make the Navigate window the active window, you see the following additional button:

If your cursor is in a window for a specific Oracle Applications product, such as Oracle Human Resources, you may see a different set of buttons that perform actions that are specific to that product. The actions for these buttons replicate menu items on the Special menu, which also vary depending on the application window that is currently active. Check the reference guide or display Oracle Applications Library Help for your product to learn more about these additional buttons and the Special menu.

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