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Other FSG Features

Ad Hoc Reports

With FSG you can create ad hoc reports to meet special reporting needs where you don't want to create a permanent report definition. For example, you might get a request from your organization's Controller to produce a one-time analysis report of travel-related expenses. When the ad hoc report is complete, you want to delete it.

From the Run Financial Reports window, you select the option to Define Ad Hoc Report. You then specify the row set and column set you want to use to build the report. Optionally, you may need to define a new row set or column set first. When defining the ad hoc report, you can also use any of the other available report objects, such as content sets, display sets, and row orders.

You run the ad hoc report the same way you run any other FSG report. You can even rerun the report later, as long as you have not yet deleted it. Once you are finished with an ad hoc report, you should delete it using the Delete Ad-Hoc Report program in FSG.

Copying Report Objects

Often, the only thing you need to do to build a new report is copy a row set and column set, make a few minor edits, then define the new report. For this reason, FSG includes a feature called AutoCopy. With AutoCopy, you can copy row and column sets, reports and report sets, row orders, and content sets.

Downloading to Spreadsheets

If you want to download a report into a spreadsheet program, FSG provides the option to produce your output as a tab-delimited file. Such files are easily imported into a spreadsheet, where you can do additional customizing, analyze the financial information in the report, produce financial graphs, or upload the report information to some other tool.

Alternatively, you can use the General Ledger Desktop Integrator's Report Wizard to view your reports, which is particularly useful if you also use Report Wizard to build your report definitions.

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