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Using Financial Statement Generator

The diagram in Figure 1 - 8, as well as the steps below, describe the FSG report building process. Please note that many of the steps are optional. The simplest reports require only steps 2 and 5 to define the report and steps 6 and 7 to run it. As your report requirements become more complicated, you will also need to perform many of the optional steps.

The Financial Statement Generator Report Building Process

Figure 1 - 8.

FSG Report Building Process

Note: You can copy report objects to quickly create new row sets, and column sets from existing report objects. You can also copy reports and report sets that you have defined. You can also copy report objects from one General Ledger database to another.

See: Copying Report Objects.

See: Copying Report Objects from Another Database

Suggestion: We recommend that you run the General Ledger Optimizer program before you run your monthly reports. This will help your financial reporting processes run faster.

Optional Report Objects

Note: You can copy report objects to quickly create new content sets, display sets, and row orders from existing report objects.

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