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Distribute Usage and Miscellaneous Costs

This process computes the costs and determines the GL account to which to post the cost for expenditure items with the following expenditure type classes:

The Distribute Usage and Miscellaneous Costs process is a prerequisite for the generation of revenue and invoices for assets usage expenditure items and miscellaneous transactions.

Process Submission

You submit the PRC:Distribute Usage and Miscellaneous Costs process from the Submit Request window either by itself, or as part of the "Distribute and Interface Usages to GL'' streamline option of the PRC: Submit Streamline Processes process. See: Submitting Requests.

Process Parameters

To limit the report to one expenditure batch, project, or expenditure ending date, enter one or more parameters.

Output Reports

Two output reports show you the results of this process:

Note: You can also review rejection reasons from the Expenditure Items window by using the Show Field option in the Folder menu to display Cost Distr. Rejection. See: Performing a Project Expenditure Inquiry.

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