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Oracle Collaboration Suite
   Release 2 (9.0.4)
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Collaboration Suite Components

This page groups the books for each component in Oracle Collaboration Suite.

Oracle Calendar

Oracle Calendar lets you plan your time, schedule meetings, and share your calendar with others.

Calendar Administrator's Guide HTML PDF
Calendar Application Developer's Guide HTML PDF
Calendar Reference Manual HTML PDF
Calendar SDK Java API Reference (Javadoc) HTML  
Calendar Web Services Java API Reference (Javadoc) HTML  
Using Oracle Calendar HTML PDF

Oracle Email

Email Administrator's Guide HTML PDF
Email Anti-Spam Configuration HTML PDF
Email Application Developer's Guide HTML PDF
Email Java API Reference (Javadoc) HTML  
Email Migration Tool Guide HTML PDF

Oracle Files

Oracle Files is a file-management and lightweight document-management application that provides a reliable, scalable and secure place to store and share content.

Files Administrator's Guide HTML PDF
Files Planning Guide HTML PDF
Using Oracle Files HTML PDF

Oracle Voicemail & Fax

Using Oracle Voicemail HTML PDF
Voicemail & Fax Administrator's Guide HTML PDF

Oracle Ultra Search

Oracle Ultra Search, built on top of Oracle Text, lets you customize and manage a search engine for database content.

Ultra Search User's Guide HTML PDF
Ultra Search Java API Reference (Javadoc) HTML  

Oracle Web Conferencing

Using Oracle Web Conferencing HTML PDF
Web Conferencing Administrator's Guide HTML PDF
Web Conferencing Sizing Guide HTML PDF

Oracle Wireless

Using Wireless and Voice Access HTML PDF
Wireless Administrator's Guide HTML PDF

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