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About Performing Basic Assignment Manager Configuration Tasks

Using Siebel Tools, you can modify existing assignment object definitions or create new assignment object and assignment criteria definitions in the Siebel repository. After you compile the changes, these definitions appear as criteria in the Criteria view or as skills in the candidate skills picklists in your Siebel application for assignment object selection.

Assignment Manager features that you can custom configure using Siebel Tools include:

  • List of assignment objects that can be assigned to assignment rules
  • List of attributes that can be incorporated in assignment criteria
  • Behavior of each available assignment object, including whether certain features are activated for the assignment object
  • Table and column mappings of assignment objects and attributes
  • Workflow policy component and workflow policy component column mappings of attributes used in assignment criteria
  • List of dynamic candidate objects for each assignment object
  • List of dynamic candidate component objects for each dynamic candidate (for team-based criteria)

NOTE:  Criteria values, skills, and workload conditions are specialized. Do not attempt to reconfigure them.

Table 7 lists the various configuration tasks you may need to perform before creating your assignment rules. The steps are presented in no particular order, and some may not be applicable for your needs.

Table 7. Basic Assignment Configuration Tasks

Configuring Assignment Object Properties


Process of Creating Assignment Criteria for Use in Assignment Rules

  1. Creating Assignment Attributes
  2. Mapping Assignment Attribute Columns to an Assignment Object and a Workflow Policy Component Column
  3. Creating Assignment Criteria
  4. Creating Assignment Criteria Attributes for Assignment Criteria


Disabling Assignment Attributes


Process of Using a Single Criterion for Multiple Objects


Enabling Assignment Objects for Skills


Updating Your Assignment Manager Deployment with New Configurations


NOTE:  In addition to the basic configuration tasks, you might find you need additional configuration to meet your particular business needs. Configuration tasks other than the basic topics are explained in a separate chapter and may require you to have additional knowledge or skills to perform. For more information about advanced configuration tasks, see Advanced Assignment Manager Configuration.

Requirements for Configuring Assignment Manager

Before you can successfully configure Assignment Manager, you need to have a thorough understanding of how to use Siebel Tools, Assignment Manager, and the Siebel data model. For information on Siebel Tools functionality, see Using Siebel Tools and Configuring Siebel Business Applications. You should also familiarize yourself with the basics of the underlying Siebel application architecture. For information on Siebel application architecture, see Deployment Planning Guide. Assignment Manager object types are related to Workflow Manager object types. For information on Workflow Manager functionality, see Siebel Business Process Designer Administration Guide. For information on the Siebel data model, see Siebel Data Model Reference.

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