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What's New in This Release

What's New in Siebel Data Quality Administration Guide, Version 7.8

Table 1 lists changes described in this version of the documentation to support release 7.8 of the software.

Table 1. New Product Features in Siebel Data Quality Administration Guide, Version 7.8

New Data Quality Settings

See Specifying Data Quality Settings.

The following configuration parameters were added in the Data Quality Settings view:

  • Force User DeDupe - Account
  • Force User DeDupe - Contact
  • Force User DeDupe - List Mgmt
  • Fuzzy Query - Max Returned
  • Fuzzy Query Enabled

Enhanced data matching (deduplication) capability

See Example of Adding a Field Mapping for Data Matching with the Universal Connector.

  • You can match and deduplicate child records. Before version 7.8, you could only match and deduplicate parent records.
  • You can use date of birth or D-U-N-S number as fields used in data matching.

New fuzzy query capability

See Fuzzy Query.

You can use fuzzy query to make searching of records more intuitive and effective.

NOTE:  By default, fuzzy query is disabled.

Enhanced data cleansing functionality

See Invoking Siebel Data Quality from External Callers.

See Data Cleansing and Data Matching.

  • You can invoke the Data Cleansing business service from external callers, such as workflow. Before version 7.8, you could only invoke this business service using C++ coding.
  • In Address records, Data Cleansing functionality automatically supplies a State field value if a user enters valid values for Zip Code, City, and Country. Similarly, it automatically supplies a Zip Code value if a user enters valid values for City, State, and Country.

Batch mode enhancement

See Data Quality Batch Job Parameters

See Sample Component Customization for Data Matching

You can specify Key Type, Match Threshold, and Search Type parameters in data matching batch jobs. These settings override the parameter settings in the User Preferences screen > Data Quality view and the Administrator - Data Quality Settings view.

Language support for data matching

See The SDQ Matching Server Libraries

Thai and Arabic language data matching are supported for the Siebel Data Quality Matching Server. Before version 7.8, these languages were not supported.

New upgrade procedures

See Upgrading the SDQ Matching Server from Version 7.7

A topic about considerations for upgrading Siebel Data Quality from version 7.7 to version 7.8 has been added.

Applet user property changes

See Example of Configuring Business Components for Data Matching Using Third-Party Software and Universal Connector

The User DeDupe View user property is no longer supported from the 7.8.2 release, as the DeDuplication Results view has been replaced by a pop-up window.

A new DeDuplication Results Applet user property has been added, which defines the applet to display for real-time data matching.

New preconfigured field mappings for business components.

See Preconfigured Matching Server Properties and Field Mapping Values and Example of Universal Connector Properties and Field Mapping Values

The preconfigured mappings for Siebel business component field names to third-party vendor field names, changed for release

This version also contains the following changes:

  • A new appendix about the Universal Connector application programming interface (API) has been added, see Universal Connector API.
  • This document has been extensively reorganized for greater ease of use.
  • Terminology change: Siebel eBusiness Applications has changed to Siebel Business Applications.

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