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Workflows for Entitlement Creation and Verification

This section explains the Siebel workflows used for entitlement creation and verification. Workflows are used to automate the business processes associated with verifying and creating entitlements.

You can modify these workflows to suit your own business model using Siebel Business Process Designer. For more information, see Siebel Business Process Framework: Workflow Guide.

NOTE:  Some workflows in the following sections may not be relevant to your application services.

In this section, the workflows are grouped in subsections that correspond to the business processes that they automate. Each subsection describes a workflow process.

This section includes the following subsections:

The methods used by these verification workflows belong to the FS Verify Entitlement business service. For more information on the individual methods and for a general description of the business service, see FS Verify Entitlement Business Service.

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