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About Siebel Universal Customer Master Concepts

Siebel Universal Customer Master (Siebel UCM) is a Siebel platform configured to store a clean and unified profile for enterprise customer data. Siebel UCM is the primary Master Data Applications product and serves as the example for installation, configuration, and administration tasks that are further documented in the following chapters.

In addition to storing the master set of customer data for an enterprise, Siebel UCM also includes many features to cleanse, evaluate, publish, store, and manage this customer data. The basic Siebel UCM concepts and functionality are briefly described in Table 4.

Table 4. Siebel UCM Features

UCM Survivorship

The UCM Survivorship feature provides a rules-based means to automate the quality of the master customer data. Data is compared to its source and age to determine whether to maintain or update customer data. For further information on UCM Survivorship, see About UCM Survivorship Rules.

UCM Cross-referencing

UCM cross-referencing allows the identification of customer data in external systems to be saved in the Siebel UCM allowing a one-to-many mapping of this data. For further information on UCM cross-referencing, see About Cross-Referencing Records with External Systems.

UCM Best Version Records

UCM Best Version records describe the current best state of the customer data stored in the Siebel UCM. These records may be updated in the future based on survivorship rules or other data management processes. Historical best versions of customer data are also stored in the UCM Source Data History table.

UCM Source Data History (SDH) Table

The UCM Source Data History (SDH) tables maintain a record of data transactions between Siebel UCM and registered external systems. For further information on SDH tables, see About SDH Tables.

UCM Publish and Subscribe

UCM publish and subscribe functionality determines the details on how external systems receive customer data updates from the Siebel UCM. For further information on UCM publish and subscribe, seeAbout System Publish and Subscribe Modes and Configuring System Publish and Subscribe for Siebel Master Data Applications.

UCM Data Cleansing and Matching

Siebel UCM supports data cleansing using the Siebel Data Quality module and data matching using SSA-NAME3 (SSA) third-party software. Siebel UCM also supports other third-party cleansing and matching technologies.

For further information on configuring UCM data cleansing and matching, see Configuring Siebel Data Quality Cleansing for Siebel UCM and Configuring SSA Data Matching for Siebel UCM.

Siebel Connector for Master Data Applications

Siebel Connector for Master Data applications describes a set of preconfigured business services used to administer Siebel UCM processes. For further information on the Siebel Connector for Master Data Applications, see Siebel Connector and Integration of Siebel Master Data Applications.

UCM CRMML Messages

Siebel UCM CRMML messages are a Siebel-specific XML messaging format used for UCM data exchange. For further information on CRMML messages, see About CRMML Messages.

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