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Revision History

Table 1.  Changes Made in Version 7.5.3

Overview of Types of Product Administration

Added this section

Designing Scripts

Corrected description in table of what GetInstanceId returns.

About the Product Record

Added information about when to use the Type field of the Product record.

Setting Up User Access

Deleted Products > All Products view from the list of places where a product does not display until it is assigned to a Category.

Associating Literature with Products

Added note about the type of literature that can be associated.

About Product Bundles

Removed mention of dynamic product bundles.

About Generics

Added this section.

Reverting to an Earlier Version

Added this section, which replaces the section "Reverting to the Most Recently Released Version." Changed for 7.5.3.

GetInstanceId Method

Corrected description of what GetInstanceId returns.

Siebel eConfigurator Server Deployment

Added this section.

Enabling Snapshot Mode

Changed description of parameter eProdCfgNumbOfCachedCatalogs. Eliminated two obsolete server parameters from reference table. Changed for 7.5.3.

Enabling Auto Match

Added this section documenting the server parameter eProdCfgKeepAliveTime.

Displaying Fields from S_PROD_INT in Selection Pages

Changed "Cfg CX" Buscomp to "Cfg CX Products" Buscomp whenever mentioned in this section.


Added this section. New for 7.5.3

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