Siebel Anywhere Administration Guide


How This Guide Is Organized

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Siebel Anywhere Concepts

Features and Benefits of Siebel Anywhere

How Siebel Anywhere Is Used

Process of Using Siebel Anywhere

Siebel Anywhere Screens and Views

Siebel Anywhere Wizards and Utilities

Siebel Anywhere File Attachments

How Siebel Anywhere Versions Work

Crucial Siebel Anywhere Terminology

Siebel Anywhere Deployment Recommendations

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Upgrade Planning and Preliminary Tasks

Process of Planning and Preparing for Kit Creation

Determining Upgrade Requirements

Identifying Software to Be Replaced or Added

Evaluating Siebel Anywhere as an Upgrade or Delivery Method

Identifying Computers and Users to Receive Upgrades

Identifying Configurations to Deliver Upgrade Components

Identifying Files to Include in Upgrade Kits

Choosing Required or Optional Upgrade Types

Determining Version Setting Values

Other Preliminary Upgrade Tasks for Specific Upgrade Kit Types

Determining Required Upgrade Sequences

Planning Upgrade Test Details

Creating Needed Infrastructure Elements

Modifying and Creating Siebel Anywhere Configurations

Setting Up Custom Siebel Anywhere Upgrade Components

Verifying Connections to the Siebel File System

Verifying Availability of Siebel Anywhere

Preparing Upgrade Kit Contents

Preparing Contents for a Siebel Executables Upgrade Kit

Preparing Contents for Repository or Third-Party Upgrade Kits

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Defining Upgrade Kits

Running the Upgrade Kit Wizard

Defining a Siebel Configuration File (CFG) Upgrade Kit

Defining a Siebel Database Schema Upgrade Kit

Defining a Siebel Client Executables Upgrade Kit

Defining a Siebel Repository File Upgrade Kit

Defining a Third-Party Software Upgrade Kit

Defining a Siebel Customer Revisions Upgrade Kit

Defining a Custom Component Upgrade Kit

Viewing Upgrade Kit Properties

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Activating, Applying, and Distributing Upgrade Kits

Process of Completing Upgrade Kit Creation

Activating an Upgrade Kit

Controlling the Order of Kit Installation

Deactivating an Upgrade Kit

Applying an Upgrade Kit

Converting an Optional Kit to a Required Kit

Distributing Upgrade Kits

Process of Limiting Distribution of an Upgrade Kit

Distributing Different CFG Files to Different Users

Disabling Siebel Anywhere

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Retrieving, Installing, and Testing Upgrade Kits

Process of Retrieving, Installing, and Testing Upgrade Kits

Retrieving and Installing Upgrade Kits

Retrieving Optional Upgrade Kits for Mobile Web Clients

Retrieving Optional Upgrade Kits for Dedicated Web Clients

Retrieving Required Upgrade Kits

Launching the Upgrade Wizard

About Client Upgrade Error Recovery

Retrieving Upgrade Kits for Siebel Regional Node Servers

Testing Upgrade Kits

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Supplementary Information for Specific Upgrade Types

Distributing a Siebel Maintenance Release (Patch)

Distributing Additional Language Packs

Example of Global Deployment with Siebel Anywhere

Example of Creating Multiple Kits of the Same Type

Performing Database Schema Updates

Process of Updating a Siebel Database Schema

About What Happens During a Database Schema Upgrade

About Changing the Database Schema in a Development Environment

About Moving Database Schema Changes Between Environments

About Creating Needed Upgrade Kits for Database Schema Changes

About Preparing Mobile Web Clients for Database Schema Changes

Process of Preparing Regional Node Servers for Database Schema Changes

Checking Regional Node Server Parameters Before a Database Schema Update

About Installing Database Schema Changes on Mobile Web Clients

About Installing Database Schema Changes on Regional Node Servers

Example of Updating Specific Lines in the CFG File

Deleting Old Upgrade Kits

Upgrading the Siebel Upgrade Wizard

Testing for Upgrade Kit Component Consistency

Creating Kits That Check DLL File Versions

Example of Constructing a Third-Party Upgrade Kit

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Troubleshooting for Siebel Anywhere

New Upgrade Kit Status "Request Submitted"

New Upgrade Kit Status "In Progress"

Unable to Download Upgrade Kit

Required Kit Cannot Be Installed

Failed Upgrade Kit Locks Administrator's Account

Converting a Required Kit to an Optional Kit

Changing Version Settings After Distribution

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 Siebel Anywhere Administration Guide 
 Published: 22 August 2003