Siebel Search Administration Guide


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About Siebel Search

Basic Search Retrieval Techniques

Basic Search Retrieval Type

Basic Search Techniques

Advanced Search Retrieval Techniques

Advanced Search Retrieval Types

Advanced Search Techniques

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The User Experience

Common End-User Tasks

Search Operators and Connectives

Search Queries

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Overview of Search Setup and Maintenance

Deployment Overview

Installation and Setup Overview

Hardware Recommendations for Hummingbird SearchServer

Configuration and Administration of Siebel Search

Introduction to Siebel Tools

Find Objects

Search Objects

The Differences Between Search and Find Operations

Visibility Control

Visibility Control for Find

Visibility Control for Search

Filter Visibility for Search

Search Time and Index Time Filters

Relevance Ranking Algorithms

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Installing Siebel Search Under Windows

Preinstallation Checklist

Upgrade Notes for Windows Users

Installing Hummingbird SearchServer 5.0 Under Windows

Configuring Siebel Server as a Search Server Under Windows

Additional Steps for Oracle Database Users Under Windows

Siebel Search Parameters

Setting Up Employee or Partner Users

Setting Up Customer Users

Setting Up Siebel Server for Remote Searching Under Windows

Creating a Hummingbird Client Connector Under Windows

Setting Up for Mobile Client Searching Under Windows

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Installing Siebel Search Under UNIX

Preinstallation Checklist

Installing Hummingbird SearchServer 5.0 Under UNIX

Configuring Siebel Server as a Search Server Under UNIX

Configuring a Previously Installed Siebel Server as a Search Server Under UNIX

Configuring Siebel Server for Remote Searching Under UNIX

DataDirect ODBC Driver Installation and Configuration

Search Server Environment Variable Settings

Creating a DataDirect ODBC Datasource Under UNIX

Creating a Hummingbird Client Connector Under UNIX

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Siebel Search Configuration Using Siebel Tools

Preconfiguration Checklist

Basic Siebel Tools Objects for Search

The Search Engine

The Search Engine Object

The Search Result Field Object

The Search Index

The Search Index Object

The Search Table

Defining Index Field Maps for Search Tables

Indexing File Attachments

Indexing Fields to Enforce Catalog Category Visibility

Indexing Fields to Enforce Access Group Visibility

Indexing Fields to Enforce Organizational Visibility

Restricting the Indexing of Records

The Search Category

Creating a Search Category

The Search Definition

Siebel Tools Objects for Find

Find Objects

Application Find Objects

Find Field Objects

Find View Object

Find Field Locale Object

Find Locale Object

Find Pick View Object

Advanced Configuration of Search Operations

Associating Search Categories to New Search Definitions

Using Child Business Components as the Base Business Component for Find or Search Categories

Creating Search or Find Pick Views

Creating Preview Views

Adding New Result Fields

Creating Custom Result Fields

Creating Search Filter Fields

Using Search Filters in Filter Search Specs

Using Search Filter Fields on the Search Center UI

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Administration of Siebel Search

Preadministration Checklist

Search Administration Overview

Index Settings

Normalization Setting

Translation Table Setting

Hummingbird Stop File Setting

Text Reader Setting

Table Language Setting

Sample Database Index Setting Values

Working with Indices

Automating the Process of Refreshing Indices

Setting Up Your Workflow Process to Run Periodically

Uploading Index Files to the Server Database and File System

Synchronizing Indices on the Mobile Web Client

Working with Indices Under UNIX

Refreshing Indices Under UNIX

Working with Resolution Documents and Literature Under UNIX

Indexing External Documents Under UNIX

Supporting Mobile Clients Under UNIX

Search Execution Settings

Character Set Execution Setting

Collation Sequence Setting

Max Exec Time Setting

Max Search Rows Setting

Server Report Time Setting

Search Term Separator Setting

Sample Database Values for Basic Search Settings

Advanced Search Execution Settings

Exact Match Setting

Proximity Search Setting

Relevance Method Setting

Term Generator Setting

Thesaurus Filename Setting

Thesaurus Option Setting

Spell Check Setting

Show Title for External Documents Setting

Sample Database Values for Advanced Search Settings

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Siebel Search Environmental Variables

Siebel File Attachment Indexing

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Hummingbird Installation

Basic Setup


Advanced Search Settings

Using the Verbose Parameter

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Syntax For Filter Search Specifications

Filter Search Spec Syntax


Comparison Operators

Logical Operators

Pattern Matching with LIKE and NOT LIKE

Functions in Calculation Expressions

Filter Search Specification

Filter Searches From the User Interface

Filter Search Specification Syntax in Backus-Naur Format

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 Siebel Search Administration Guide 
 Published: 19 June 2003