Contents for AquaLogic Interaction User Guide

Introduction to the User Guide for AquaLogic Interaction


BEA Documentation and Resources

Navigating the Portal

Your Portal Account

Creating Your Own Portal Account

Logging In to the Portal

Logging Off the Portal

Managing Your Portal Account

Editing Your User Profile

Setting Your Display Options

Selecting Your Portal Interface

Portal Interface Types

Setting Your Portal Greeting

Specifying How Portal Documents Open

Setting Your My Page Refresh Rate

Setting Your Portlet Time Out Limit

Enabling Debug Mode

Editing Locale Settings

Setting Search Preferences

Viewing User Profiles

Changing Your Password

Setting Login Credentials for External Applications

About My Pages

Personalizing Your View of the Portal with My Pages

Creating a My Page with One Click

Editing a Page in the Flyout Editor

Editing a Page in the Page Editor

About Communities

Viewing Communities

Joining Communities

Unsubscribing from Communities

Recommending Communities

About the Portal Knowledge Directory

Browsing Documents in the Portal Knowledge Directory

Using Simple Submission to Submit or Upload Documents to the Portal Knowledge Directory

Searching for Documents or Objects

Searching for Objects or Documents Using Advanced Search

Searching Other Content, Portals, or Web Search Engines with Federated Search

Viewing Search Results from a Banner Search

Saving a Search

Managing Your Saved Searches

Refining Your Search Results

Default Behavior of Search Service

About the Different Types of Search

Elements of Search Syntax

About Operator Modes

Search String Operators

Precedence and Parentheses


Case Sensitivity



Quoted Phrases

Thesaurus Expansion

How Language Settings Apply to Search

Search Service Language Support

Using Text Search Rules

Search Examples

How Search Results Are Ranked

How Term Frequency Factors in Relevance

About Metadata (Field) Weighting

How Phrases and Proximity Factor in Relevance

About Basic Search Behavior

About Advanced Search Behavior