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Oracle WebCenter Spaces
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Your Personal Space: Create Personal Pages and Add Content

Your personal space includes both personal pages that you create and business role pages created by administrators that are specific to your role within your organization. All pages visible to you in your personal space display in tabbed format.

For all of your personal pages, you can personalize the information, the content, and the look and feel to meet your specific tasks or tastes. You can also create new pages very quickly and easily and add any combination of the resources available to you through Oracle Composer. For example, you can build your own custom dashboard to surface Business Intelligence reports, wire them to an OmniPortlet, add documents from the document library, and display presence information about a set of users and their online status. You can add, edit, delete, show, and hide pages using the Manage Pages dialog box, and share pages with other users. Changing the properties and settings of any page is very easy to do: just click Edit Page to display the properties and settings on your screen.