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Oracle WebCenter Spaces
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Your Personal Space: Stay Informed with Business Role Pages

In addition to personal pages, your personal space displays business role pages, which are specifically targeted to your professional role in the organization. The Oracle WebCenter Spaces administrator can create a set of business role pages for each line of business, and push those pages to all the users assigned a specific role, saving the administrator the time and effort of granting page access privileges to each user individually. Information that is timely and relevant to a specific business role can be provided instantly, without the noise of irrelevant information from other lines of business. When end users log in, they immediately see business role pages assigned to them in their personal space. In contrast, access to personal pages is provided through the Manage Pages dialog box.

For example, an administrator might create a New Hires business role page, give the Newbie role view access, and then assign everyone who joins the company the Newbie role for a period of six months. Similarly, sales people logging in to their personal spaces will see the Sales business role page, engineers will see the Engineering business role page, and so on. In this way, intranet portal pages can easily be pushed to users that need this specific information to stay on top of key updates for their area of the business.