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Oracle WebCenter Spaces
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Manage Your Group Spaces

Group space management is fully integrated into the Oracle WebCenter Spaces environment. For example, the person who creates a group space is automatically the moderator of the group space, and can grant any other user moderator privileges. Users assigned the moderator (or equivalent) role can add and remove group space members, invite new members, provide and update group space metadata (such as the group space display name, description, colors and styles, and search keywords), manage the services available to the group space, and establish user roles and permissions.

A group space moderator has several options for populating a group space: add members up front from the enterprise identity store, provide for self-registration, and allow users to request membership. One person can be a member of several teams at the same time and can participate in any number of group spaces.

In addition, group space moderators can delegate specific permissions of the different services to users. For example, a group space moderator might want every user to be able to participate in the discussions associated with the group space, or not be allowed to upload new documents unless they have specific privileges. The important point to remember is that the flexibility is available; however, no changes are required to get started.