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Oracle WebCenter Spaces
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Participate with Others Using Group Spaces

While personal spaces are specific to each user, group spaces support discrete communities of users organized around an area of interest or a common goal. Group spaces provide a wide range of Web 2.0 services and tools, and enable social networking capabilities to effectively concentrate the efforts of a team on solving a concrete problem, scheduling events, assigning tasks to individual team members, contributing to wiki pages and announcements, linking related information, creating customized lists, or participating in discussion forums.

However, enterprise teamwork is not limited to the functionality provided by these shared projects and communities. Almost every useful Web application depends on users working together in some form, and most of the information resources that users plan to share originate from desktop tools such as Microsoft Office. To ensure effective sharing of information in all of these environments, Oracle WebCenter Spaces delivers flexible integration through WebDAV, the Console for MS Sharepoint, RSS, and an extensible programming interface that is based on REST and Web services. Members of a group space can include resources such as charts, reports, portlets, business applications, Web 2.0 services, lists, links (to discussion forums, documents, or other pages), announcements, RSS feeds, Web clips, and other ADF resources or task flows. For example:

In many projects and communities, not all users are created equally. Often, there is a project manager who has the ability to delegate responsibilities for the items in the group space. They also have the flexibility to restrict the use of different services if the capability is not required for the project. For example, a project manager may disable the built-in Announcements service, if all project updates are tracked in a wiki page. There is complete control over the resources that are made available and how they can be used by the team to meet their business objectives.

In Oracle WebCenter Space, you can use group space templates to create group spaces, create group space pages, and manage your group spaces.