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   Setting Up a BEA Tuxedo Application

Creating the MACHINES Section

In the MACHINES section you assign logical names to all the physical machines in your configuration (including all the processing elements in multiprocessor machines) and define other parameters for individual machines. The following table describes the parameters available for defining machine names and other machine-specific parameters for each machine that participates in a distributed application.

MACHINES Section Parameters



ENVFILE (optional)

ENVFILE specifies a file that defines the environment with which all clients and servers on the machine are to be executed.

Lines must be in the form ident=value where ident contains only underscores and/or alphanumeric characters, and begins with an underscore or a letter of the alphabet.

If the value of ENVFILE is an invalid filename, no values are added to the environment.


MAXACCESSERS specifies the maximum number of processes that can access the bulletin board on this processor at any one time. When calculating the appropriate number, you are not required to count system administration processes, such as the BBL and tmadmin, but you must count all application servers and clients, and TMS servers.

The value of MAXACCESSERS must be greater than 0 and less than 32,768. The default is the value specified in the RESOURCES section.

MAXCONV (optional)

MAXCONV specifies the maximum number of simultaneous conversations allowed for processes on a particular machine.

The value of MAXCONV must be greater than 0 and less than 32,768. The maximum number of simultaneous conversations per server is 64. The default is the value specified in the RESOURCES section.


MAXWSCLIENTS specifies the number of accesser entries on this processor to be reserved for Workstation clients only. This parameter is used only when the BEA Tuxedo System Workstation component is used. This number takes a portion of the total accesser slots specified with MAXACCESSERS. The appropriate setting of this parameter helps conserve IPC resources because Workstation client access to the system is multiplexed through a BEA Tuxedo system-supplied surrogate, the Workstation Handler.

The value of MAXWSCLIENTS must be greater than or equal to 0, and less than 32,768; it may not be greater than the value of MAXACCESSERS. (Assigning a value to MAXWSCLIENTS that is higher than the value of MAXACCESSERS is an error.) The default is 0.